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Introductory article

The sentences below will explain the reason for the creation of the entire blog. This article also serves as a mini-guide to better navigate through individual articles.

You can leave a comment for each article, and if you expect a response, please provide your email address so that we know where to send it.

Reason for Existence

People often ask us the same questions, and they often wonder where their decisions have led them. At the same time, they come to these questions very late, resulting in significant financial losses. The main purpose of this blog is to prevent some unfortunate decisions or provide guidance if you have already made such decisions.

We have no illusions that anyone would regularly and eagerly read the EXPRESS ELEVATORS website in their free time, eagerly awaiting the next article.

Rather, we wanted to enable people to keep up with the constantly evolving situation in the elevator industry. Therefore, parts of the texts will be updated annually. This is not just about technical news and innovations.

Objective Source?

Yes, you are on the pages of a specific elevator company, EXPRESS ELEVATORS.

The advice we offer does not imply a recommendation to exclusively collaborate with us. Certain criteria are met by several Czech companies in some way. It is true that in the texts, we recommend considering criteria that we fulfill, but the basis is more common sense. Anyone could say that.

If we are to convince you why the previous paragraph is true, think about the authenticity of the sentences below, around which all the information we offer revolves. Again, we are talking about the elevator industry.

  • A colossal company is much less adaptable to sudden changes than a small one.
  • Maintaining good quality in a small group is easier than maintaining quality among the masses.
  • A small company has no chance of getting into the TOP clientele without excellent references because it does not have a billion-dollar background.
  • A company with years of experience and history is more trustworthy than a company without a history.
  • An individual approach is generally more applicable to a smaller company. This approach touches everything, customers, employees, flexibility, readiness, mood, and quality.

How to Use This Blog

Currently, it’s not a big problem to read all the parts in a very short time.

If you want to absorb only a certain part, please be aware of one thing. The topics are very intertwined.

If you are in the planning phase of a tender for the reconstruction of an old elevator, you will be mainly interested in the articles Repair or Replacement, New Elevator, Reconstruction, Service Company, Spare Parts.

  • Repair or Replacement, here you will find our opinion on the necessity of the reconstruction of an existing elevator.
  • New Elevator, Reconstruction, dissects the topic of reconstruction in terms of choosing a supplier, financial aspects, legal obligations, …
  • Service Company, focuses more on the elevator supplier (likely a service company in the future)
  • Spare Parts, focuses on spare parts from the chosen supplier.


If you want a completely new elevator, then it will be the articles New Elevator, Reconstruction, Service Company, Spare Parts.

If you are looking for a new service company, then Service Company, Spare Parts. Spare Parts remain the same for you, but you will understand why the price for repairs is so high or, conversely, low.


We’d love to hear your argument if you don’t like any part of the texts. In that case, please send us a comment ????.

Some points are based on our experiences. These experiences are backed by real documents, contracts, and offers from competing companies. We tried to filter out personal opinions from the texts and focus purely on facts. Certain information cannot be published from the perspective of maintaining good relationships between elevator companies and legal obligations.

Each situation is somewhat unique, and we aim for the most widespread representation in each chosen segment. So, if your case deviates from the norm, different principles may apply to you.

We are a family-owned elevator company managing hundreds of elevator devices in the Czech Republic. Our experiences come from servicing various types of elevator devices from various suppliers. Therefore, some information in the articles may not be entirely objective from a global perspective.

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